Our experienced grooming team is compassionate, patient and passionate about giving your dog a fantastic SPAW treatment!

The Ruff House grooming staff is lead by a professional grooming instructor with over 6 years in the dog grooming industry. We take great care in getting to know your dogs and

Our grooming staff will review all aspects of the groom with you before and after to make sure that your dog comes out looking just the way you want. If you would like some additional work done, no problem! Just let us know and we will make the appropriate alterations immediately.

NOTE: We do require proof of RABIES vaccination to conduct grooming services

Play and pamper under one woof!

Why not drop off your dog and get a groomed and a played out pup in return? Our all in one service allows your dog who has qualified for daycare to be dropped off in the morning and picked up with any of your selected grooming requests. It can be as simple as a nail trim and tooth brush or a full make over!

NOTE - $10 off of your groom while attending a full day of daycare!!!!!

What puts the Ruff House Grooming services a “cut above”?

  • The Ruff House takes extra steps to make sure your dog is comfortable by taking personal and detailed grooming instructions for your dog.

  • We have Front to Back Air Conditioning HVAC system to regulate for hot summer days and the frigid winter months!

  • Our extensive selection of grooming options at competitive prices ensures you can get exactly what you want!

  • Positive and stress free grooming environment.

  • Trained grooming staff that love dogs and facilitate a fun and safe grooming process!

  • State of the art tools and tables to ensure your dog is safe and steady during the process.

  • Completely transparent grooming experience front of lobby.

  • Top notch daily cleaning process with state of the art cleaning including an industrial floor scrubber and an electric mist machine so we disinfect every nook and cranny for a safe and clean environment.