Why take your Dog to Daycare?

Exercise and socialization are key components to a stable, healthy, well-rounded dog. We provide both socialization and safe supervised exercise so your dog can enjoy a day of play. Life is busy and dog daycare gives you a break during a hectic week and a well earned treat for your dog. Not to mention we are a great guilt relief service where you know your dog is getting proper care and will go home tired!

Top-Notch Facility

We know that exercise and socialization are key components to a healthy, well-rounded dog. The Ruff House daycare is focused on fun and safety. With over 3,300 sq.ft. of space, 4 separate play areas and educated staff to supervise your dog, they will enjoy a day of romping, wresting and playing.

Appropriate Playmates

Once your dog has successfully completed a temperament test they are grouped with appropriate playmates, based on their personality, play style and size. They are always closely to ensure safety and fun! Our 3 large play areas are each around 1000 sq feet to give your dog plenty of space to run, play and rest if needed! We have a special area with obstacles for our tiny clients 15 lbs and under!

NOTE: We typically require all of our canine clients over 6 months in age to be spayed or neutered. We do consider exceptions so please contact us.

What makes the Ruff House your best option for your Dog?

The Ruff House takes extra steps to make sure your dog is comfortable!

  • We have Front to Back Air Conditioning HVAC system to regulate for hot summer days and the frigid winter months!

  • The dogs get two bathroom breaks outside so there is no pressure to hold their elimnation needs!

  • Positive reinforcement environment.

  • Trained staff that love dogs and encourage a fun and safe play time!

  • Constant access to water.

  • Completely transparent daycare experience where you can watch your dog play all day on our online cameras!

  • We have no mandatory crate or cage time for your dog.

  • Top notch daily cleaning process with state of the art cleaning including an industrial floor scrubber and an electric mist machine so we disinfect every nook and cranny for a safe and clean environment.

Watch your Dog Play on your phone or at work!

Check out our Live Dog Cams! The website and cameras are laptop, tablet and mobile phone friendly! You can see how much fun your pup is having at any time on a computer or even on your mobile device and phone!