Group Dog Training in Ottawa

Having a well-trained dog is very important for your dog’s safety and your own peace of mind. We provide a wide range of training courses on-site to meet all your dog training needs   There will be a cycle of all our courses, depending on demand and registration.  All group courses will be held evenings or weekends.


Ruff House supports all adopted and rescued dogs. Receive a 25% discount on your dog’s first course, with proof of adoption/rescue from shelter or rescue association.

Private Dog Training in Ottawa

Ruff House offers private dog training in Ottawa. Private training sessions are held on-site at Ruff House Dog Daycare, or at your home. In-home private lessons more than 10km from Ruff House will be charged an additional $25 per session.


1 hour - $90/hour
3-6 hours - $80/hour
7 + hours - $70/hour


Sit. Stay. Play.