Why your Dog's food matters

Sit. Stay. Play.

We belive it is important for owners to make informed choices when it comes to feeding their pets. A quality diet for your dog matters. When you feed your dog a balanced diet you will see a difference in their skin, fur, teeth, nail health and increase their chance at a long healthy life.

The Ruff House believes that each dog has their own dietary and health needs. Depending on your budget and your health goals for your dog, we will provide the best possible options for your dog's diet.

We carry a variety of high quality dry and raw food with a focus on affordable, locally sourced and Canadian products.

  • Does your dog have allergies?

  • Has your dog stopped wagging his tail over when his food is served?

  • Are you feeding your dog as well as you can?

  • Is the kibble you are feeding your dog meeting their needs?

  • Is Raw Food Dietary Dog Food right for your dog?

  • Is your dog getting a balanced diet?

Come talk to us at the Ruff House about dietary options for your dog.