Dog Daycare, Grooming

For Dog Daycare and Grooming you will be asked to pay upon pick up of your dog. If you are using one of our prepaid packages we will have your informtation stored in our kennel software making check out a breeze.

Training Classes

Payment is made upon enrolment. Your spot in group classes can only be reserved once you have paid for the course. You can pay online, in person with cash, credit or cheque. Your will receive a confirmation email you’re once your spot is reserved and information on the course schedule.

Ruff House Refund Policies

Group Training Classes

Our training classes are small to ensure you get the proper attention you and your dog need during that course. We require 7-day’s notice for cancellation. If your dog cannot attend a course due to health reasons we ask for note from your veterinarian to process a refund.

Private Training Sessions

We require 48 hour’s notice to cancel a private training session.

Dog Daycare & Grooming

We require 24-hour notice to cancel your dog daycare and grooming reservation. We realize life events happen, but please respect that we are saving a place that could be used for another happy dog! Multiple no shows or late cancellations will result in prepaid visits only.

Ruff House F.A.Q.'s

Why Dog Daycare?

Exercise and socialization are key components to a stable, healthy, well-rounded dog. We provide both socialization and safe supervised exercise in our top-notch facility focused on fun and your dog’s safety. Life is busy and dog daycare gives you a break during a hectic week and a well earned treat for your dog.

Getting to know us? Getting to know you?

We want you to know us and see where your dog is coming for their day of fun. Upon your booked visit, we will get to know you and your dog through a temperament test. This will be done in our back area as we want to see how they interact with us when you are there, and when you are not. Do they have separation anxiety? Are there things your dog loves and some things they dislike? We will introduce them to other dogs and see how your dog interacts. This gives you a chance to see your dog in action at our play center. This also allows us to pair your dog with appropriate playmates when they come in for their first day not just based on size, bu also temperament.

What happens if my dog gets into an altercation with another dog?

Ruff House staff are experienced dog people and trained in animal behavior and body language. Safety is our first priority and our supervisors are there to stop an altercation before it starts. We aim to intervene and remove any chance of escalation. In the occurrence of an altercation our staff will be there to react immediately. We will separate the dogs and assess their well-being and tend to any injuries immediately. We will keep those two dogs separated and observe their behavior throughout the rest of the day. A file is kept on each dog so that we can avoid future altercations and if there is a problem dog, we will assess their interaction and future attendance at the day care.

How do you regulate for safety?

Safety is our top priority and we take this very seriously. Our play environments are separated by customized dog fencing with solid panels and steel framing so that we can cater our play areas to our pack of dogs that day. Dogs are divided by size and temperament in each of these areas to ensure their play time is safe and fun. The panel fencing dampens the sound and sight from each play area to limit the excitement or over stimulation of dogs that see other dogs they cannot interact with. Our environment is also heated and cooled to the weather to make sure we have a comfortable playing temperature. Our dual HVAC system will ensure proper air flow and excellent air quality. On nice days we have two loading bay doors that will be opened to provide fresh air flow and natural light.

Do you take puppies or senior dogs?

Yes, we do. We love dogs of all ages. Measures will be taken to ensure that dogs of all sizes and ages receive appropriate playing partners and downtime throughout the day. Puppies will need proof that their vaccinations have begun. We will supervise their early socialization carefully as this is a critical time in their development.

To Vaccinate or not Vaccinate?

We require all dogs attending the Ruff House to be up to date with their vaccinations. These include;

Dogs under 13 weeks:

  • 1st round of DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvovirus) and Bordetella

Dogs Under 28 weeks (group classes, daycare, playdates)

  • 2nd round of DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvovirus), 1st round of Leptospirosis, 1st round of Lyme if at risk, and Bordetella (kennel cough).

Dogs over 6 months (group classes, daycare, playdates)

  • 3rd round of DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvovirus) ,Rabies Boosters, Leptospirosis as necessary, Boosters for Lyme disease as necessary and Bordetella (kennel cough)

Note1: Dogs should have vaccines at least 10 days prior to start of classes to ensure integration into their immune system Note2: We also accept titer test results in lieu of vaccination records.


We will provide a private meal time for puppies 6 months and under. If an older dog requires lunch or meals it would be an additional charge.

Bathroom Break?

All of our daycare guests will get up to 2 bathroom breaks a day outside to avoid any accidents that can be prevented. We find the more they play, the more they drink, and the more they pee! It also makes for a more comfortable stay. However, we strongly encourage owners to get their dogs to 'do their business' before dropping them off for the day.

What to bring to Daycare?

This depends on your dog. The basic requirement is a collar with a name tag and your leash. As we check in your dog through our double gated entry we will hang up your leash, ready for when you pick up your dog later in the day.

What do I bring to a training class?

  • A lot of tasty treats (preferably in a treat pouch for easy access).
  • Your dog's favourite blanket.
  • Some classes will require a clicker.
  • Proof of vaccinations for all dogs taking classes not just puppies.
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear to ensure you are comfortable.

Spay or Neuter?

We typically require all of our canine clients over 6 months in age to be spayed or neutered. We do consider exceptions so please contact us.

The rationale for this is that female dogs typically experience their first heat around six months but it can be earlier. We would like to avoid the temptation! Male dogs after six months that remain unneutered have increasing levels of testosterone. Your unneutered dog may be absolutely fine with other dogs that are neutered. However, other dogs may begin to single out, pick on, or even challenge an unneutered dog.

Our focus is safety and fun and again this is a preventative measure not discriminatory.