Age: 6 months +
Prerequisites: Completion of Advanced Puppy, or dog with basic obedience
Duration: 6 weeks, 1 hour session per week
Price: $200 + HST

What to Bring to Class:

  • Proof that your dog’s vaccines are up to date OR had its second round of vaccinations at least 7 days before beginning classes

  • Lots of small tasty treats that your dog loves

  • Clicker (available for purchase at Ruff House)

  • A treat pouch if you have one

  • Regular 6-foot leash, 20–30-foot leash, and dog collar

  • Anyone who will be also in the household or handling the dog in addition to you

  • Enthusiasm!

Life Skills I – Group Class is for those who want a well-behaved dog.  Not just a dog that knows how to sit or lay down, but one that your guests say, “well isn’t he well behaved?”  These 1-hour weekly sessions will increase their ability to work through distractions. 

We will continue to build their basics but move on to more advanced and difficult drills meant to mimic real world scenarios that you will face. Using a clicker and positive reinforcements you and your dog will learn practical skills to help you navigate real life situations:

  • Calming and focus exercises

  • Loose leash walking with distractions

  • Drop

  • Leave It

  • Off

  • Recall with distractions

Participants must attend all 6 classes to receive a certificate for this course. There are no re-do classes.