Top-Notch Facility

We know that exercise and socialization are key components to a healthy, well-rounded dog. The Ruff House daycare is focused on fun and safety. With over 3,200 sq.ft. of play area, your dog will enjoy a day of fully supervised playtime complete with ramps, tubes, and obstacles to play the day away! 

Booking the Ruff House Temperament Test

Please call or email us in advance to schedule your temperament test.  Tests need to be scheduled by appointment. The assessments are scheduled around heavy pick up and drop off times to ensure easy entry and exit for nervous and new dogs.

In order to book your assessment you must:
1) Register online by clicking RESERVE NOW and filling out the required information for yourself and your dog.

2) Ensure you have the required vaccinations read including; DHPP, Rabies and Bordetella (Kennel cough).

NOTE: We need 7 days from the initial Bordetella vaccination to the assessment.

RABIES NOTE: Puppies under 4 months may not be old enough for the Rabies vaccine - no problem!

3) To book the assessment after you have registered you can reply to your registration email, book using our online booking system, call the Ruff House or email .

AVAILABLE TIMES: M-F between 10:30am and 3pm and Saturdays from 10am - 4pm.

What is the Temperament Assessment

Your dog must pass our temperament test before they can be accepted into daycare.  The temperament test is to assesses how your dog responds to a new environment, new people and ultimately new dogs. We carefully introduce other dogs to determine appropriate playmates when they come in for their first day.

The purpose of this test is to ensure that your dog meets our guest requirements, including allows behavioral characteristics, ability to adapt to new scenarios and new dogs. The test also confirms whether or not daycare is a good fit for your dog because we aim to have have happy, playful stress free dogs! Our ultimate goal is to ensure that each dog has a safe, positive experience during every visit.

The temperament test cost is $15.  NOTE: This is a non-refundable service if your dog does not pass the temperament test.

Appropriate Playmates

Once your dog has successfully completed a temperament test they are grouped with appropriate playmates, based on their personality and size, and are supervised to ensure safety and fun!

NOTE: We typically require all of our canine clients over 6 months in age to be spayed or neutered. We do consider exceptions so please contact us.

Watch your Dog Play!

Check out our Live Dog Cams! You can see how much fun your pup is having at any time!


Dog Day Care
Full Day                                              $28
Half Day                                              $18

5 Full Day Visits                                $130
10 Full Day Visits                               $250
20 Full Day Visits                              $450

5 Half Day Visits                                $85
10 Half Day Visits                               $140
20 Half Day Visits                              $230


Monday - Friday                        7:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Saturday                                    8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Sunday                                      Closed     

Ruff House Perks & Policies

Multi-Dog Households

  • Bring another buddy from the same house and the second dog’s visit will be 25% off.

Home Drop-Off

  • Unfortunately the Ruff House will not be providing pick up or drop off services any longer due to unpredictable and severe traffic conditions. IF you need do need transportation for your pet for a special occasion please check with management for the availability and price.

Refer a Friend

  • Refer a friend for a Temperament Test and with their first day of daycare you will receive $10 off your next purchase!

  • Refer a friend and with their 5-Day minimum enrollment, you will receive 1 complementary day pass.

Late Pick-Up Fee

  • $10 late charge for every 15 minutes past closing time.

Cancellations & No-Shows

  • We require 24-hour notice to cancel your dog's daycare visit. We realize that life happens, but please respect that we are saving a place that could be used for another happy dog.

  • Multiple no-shows or late cancellations will result in prepaid visits only.

See our Policies & F.A.Q's for more details.

New Daycare Options and Pricing Schedule - Effective July 1st, 2019

Full Day $32 Half Day (4 hours) $20 Hourly $8

Temperament Assessment $15

Full Day Daycare Packages

5 Full Day Visits $150
10 Full Day Visits $290
20 Full Day Visits $500

Half Day Daycare Packages

5 Half Day Visits $95
10 Half Day Visits $180
20 Half Day Visits $320


Daycare Add-on Services

Pictures & Videos of your dog at play $10
Meal Feeding (for dogs over 6 mos) $2.50
Alone time (nap space) - 1/2 hour $5
Private 1/2 hour walk $20

Daycare Add-on Services

1-1 Play with Enrichment Puzzles $5
1-1 Play Brain Games $5
1-1 Play Nose work/games $5
1-1 Kong with Frozen stuffing of your choise $5

Frozen Kong Options

Kong w/ Frozen Bone Broth $5
Kong w/ Frozen Peanut Butter $5
Kong w/ Frozen Yogurt and Pumpkin $5
Kong w/ Frozen Cheese $5

V.I.D. Very Important Dog Treatment (1/2 hour) - $20

1-1 time with the Ruff House staff to pamper your dog with pets, attention, cuddles and toys in our deluxe time out room. This includes a complimentary kong with frozen stuffing of your choice or a puppy Brain Game, 5 pictures of your dog playing and a private weblink for their V.I.D. session!!!!!

Multi-Dog Households

Dogs from the same house? Your second dog receives a 25% discount for single days only. (Packages are excluded from being used in combination)