Full Day $32 Half Day (4 hours) $20 Hourly $8

Temperament Assessment $15

Please note all dogs coming to daycare must have completed a temperament assessment and be up to date with the required vaccinations


Full Day Daycare Packages

5 Full Day Visits $150
10 Full Day Visits $290
20 Full Day Visits $500

Half Day Daycare Packages

5 Half Day Visits $95
10 Half Day Visits $180
20 Half Day Visits $320

DAYCARE ADD-ONS for Spoiled Pooches!

Daycare Add-on Services

Pictures & Videos of your dog at play $10
Meal Feeding (for dogs over 6 mos) $2.50
Alone time (nap space) - 1/2 hour $5
Private 1/2 hour walk $20

Daycare Add-on Services

1-1 Play with Enrichment Puzzles $5
1-1 Play Brain Games $5
1-1 Play Nose work/games $5
1-1 Kong with Frozen stuffing of your choise $5

Frozen Kong Options

Kong w/ Frozen Bone Broth $5
Kong w/ Frozen Peanut Butter $5
Kong w/ Frozen Yogurt and Pumpkin $5
Kong w/ Frozen Cheese $5

V.I.D. Very Important Dog Treatment (1/2 hour) - $20

1-1 time with the Ruff House staff to pamper your dog with pets, attention, cuddles and toys in our deluxe time out room. This includes a complimentary kong with frozen stuffing of your choice or a puppy Brain Game, 5 pictures of your dog playing and a private weblink for their V.I.D. session!!!!!