Why a Home Cooked Diet would be right for your dog?

Many people decide to feed their dog a home cooked diet because their dog has encountered allergies and or digestive issues on other dog food.  Or sometimes it is peace of mind for someone to know exactly what their dog is eating.


Feeding your dog a home cooked diet requires time, knowledge and commitment.  is not easier or more convenient.  This is a concerted effort to enhance your dog's health and prolong their well-being.  Come and talk to us about adding supplements to properly balance your dog's raw diet.  It is important to have the right mix of meat, bone, vegetables, vitamins and minerals so your dog does thrive.  

With a home cooked Meal you can see the difference

With a home cooked Meal you can see the difference


Home cooked meals when balanced properly can be extremely healthy.  For those people who have the time, knowledge and resources you will know exactly what they are eating.  These diets can be very effective in battling allergies and digestive issues.  A dog eating a healthy balanced home cooked meal will be lively, energetic and their coat and will be healthy and shiny.  Not to mention a clean home diet helps with your dog's weight management.  When your dog is eating a balanced diet full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants he will be the healthiest version of them you will see.

Best of all, very little filler in their food means there is much less to clean up!  

Supplementing your dogs Home cooked Diet is Important

Supplementing your dogs Home cooked Diet is Important


If you are thinking of feeding your dog a home cooked meal you must understand how to provide a balanced diet that meets all of their nutritional needs.  You will need to add the correct ratios of meat, bone, organ, vitamins and minerals. 

To achieve a balanced diet you will need to add supplements.  

The Ruff House carries a wide variety of supplements to balance your dog's diet and ensure they are getting everything they need.